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Are you opening an international school and could use a fresh pair of eyes and ears? Are you moving into the role of a Founding Principal and want to give yourself the best chance of success?

As you look ahead to the enormous excitement of opening a new school, wouldn’t it be great to have a ‘critical friend’ who has your back?

When it comes to Founding an International School, it is fair to say Grainne O’Reilly knows an incredible amount. After opening schools across the USA, Europe, Korea and latterly China she is extremely passionate about helping future Founding Owners and Principals learn from her vast experiences.

As a Founding International School Principal, Gráinne can help with:

• Articulating your school’s vision into a reality – realistically analysing what can/can’t be done in your given timeframe.
• Financial prudence. What things ACTUALLY cost vs your predicted costs.
• Setting the right school fee model and when to increase them.
• Health and Safety of your school premises.
• Compliance – configuring what policies you’ll need to adhere to/when/in what order of implementation.
• Safer recruitment.
• Hiring for Diversity.
• Accreditation – choosing the right accreditation path/how long it will take/the process and steps you’ll need to take.
• Developing an ongoing communication and marketing strategy.
• Managing up – Effective relationships between the Principal and Board.
• Reporting to the Board – What you report on, to whom and when.
• Succession planning from day-one.
• Leading Profit and Not-For-Profit Schools and the intricate differences.
• All aspects of Budgeting – from initial idea to breakeven.
• Planning for the school opening.
• Crisis identification and management.
• Contractual disputes, advice and resolution.

If you want to increase the likelihood of your Founding International School getting off to the best possible start and by doing so:

• Increase your awareness of managing financial risks.
• Hear of nearly all of the challenges you will face.
• Reduce the likelihood of staff turnover in your early days.
• Develop outstanding stakeholder relationships.
• Know who to hire, when and how hiring the RIGHT staff at the RIGHT time is critical to the early success of a School Start-up.

Create an ongoing culture of trust in your effective leadership, management and decision-making.

email: grainne@leadingyourinternationalschool.com

Our consultancy is based on what practically works. Our costs are more favourable than you might think. Don’t just take our word for it.

Martin Harris – Executive Director (United Lisbon International School, Portugal) says:

“Speaking as someone who has benefited from Grainne’s advice, I can only recommend this most highly. Grainne is a treasure trove of experience and knowledge!”

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