Mediation and Conflict Resolution for International Schools



  • In the realm of our international schools and their opening, foundation, takeovers, re-branding and even closure, the ride can be bumpy at times.
  • What do you do and who do you turn to when faced with conflict and differences in ideas and opinions that can potentially bring down a school and its leadership?
  • How do you mediate and who do you mediate through?

We often don’t want to admit that we got it wrong, but the fact is, some schools do. Getting the right advice (early) is critical, as is knowing the outcomes of decisions you will make before you take them.

✅ We’ve experienced a great deal of the ‘unknowns’ in international education that can help you focus on the strategic aspects of your business.

✅ We’ve worked in both Profit and Not-For-Profit Schools and know the completely different skills set and leadership approach required in both.

✅ We’ve worked across the US, Europe and Southeast Asia and know how important the cultural context is in each.

✅ We are skilled in high-level negotiation on projects worth tens of millions of dollars.

✅ We bring proven practical strategies to get you and your school back to where it needs to be.

Grainne O’Reilly can provide independent, objective mediation and conflict resolution to schools on:

➡️ Contractual disputes
➡️ Investor / Principal relationships
➡️ Board / Principal relationships
➡️ Unexpected events/crisis management
➡️ Mis-hires
➡️ Parental complaints
➡️ Reputational damage
➡️ Profit warnings
➡️ Accreditation challenges
➡️ High staff turnover
➡️ School closure

Being open, admitting there are challenges and finding the right people to support you through these challenges often means that a school can make a full and relatively pain-free recovery.


Hear how we can help resolve even the toughest of challenges facing our international schools.

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