Bangkok Prep – A Learning Experience for Everyone


We recently headed to Bangkok Prep, spending the afternoon talking to leaders.

• Learning that takes place supports the interests, ambitions and approaches to learning of all their students.
• The school values the ‘holistic’ experience developing its wider vocational course pathways to ensure that every student finds the opportunity to experience success.
• Staff turnover is incredibly low, surely one of the most remarkable statistics in international education given the size of the school, only three members of staff will be leaving the school at the end of the year.
This is very much a school and community that staff, students and parents want to be a part of. The school has come a very long way since its humble beginnings with seven students back in 2003. With enrollment currently at around 1600 students, the growth is phenomenal, yet carefully considered.

Authenticity in Sustainability

Sustainability at Bangkok Prep is categorised into 4 pillars – Education, Environment, Well-being for All and Leadership for the Future. The campus itself is a remarkable feat of sustainable design and engineering. Its mix of wooden cladding and sleek design means it stands out for all the right reasons. The Olympic Swimming Pool, which sits high above the campus, is one of the most incredible sporting backdrops I’ve ever witnessed. When it comes to sustainability – actions speak louder than words and Bangkok Prep is a lot further down the journey than many. Staff PE uniforms are recycled, sustainable medals and trophies for their events are made from recycled bottled caps; procurement decisions are assessed against their sustainable impact. As the Head of School Duncan Stonehouse takes pride in telling me “The explicit focus on sustainability and the Arts has a positive impact on results”, continuing “When students leave our school and go to university and into work, we have found them to be much more independent and resilient”. Finally, Duncan adds, “To be authentically sustainable we felt we needed to focus on sustainable leadership, sustainable well-being and sustainable environmental education”.

Embedding The SDGs as Targets and Milestones

Although much of the work the school was doing around sustainability was commendable, Duncan felt that it could be drawn together more cohesively to make a difference. Embedding sustainability throughout the school thus became a key whole-school priority, with a re-shaped vision for what that would mean.

This is a school not only thinking about the future but actively helping to shape, and change it through its curriculum, policy and approach to leadership. “Whether you are an entrepreneur, a start-up, a lawyer, big business or politician – sustainability has to be embedded,” says Duncan. We could not agree more.

Thank you to Duncan Stonehouse and to Stephen Hurworth for making the visit possible.

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