LYIS Visits Heathfield International School Bangkok


Last week, Leading Your International School had the pleasure of visiting Heathfield International School Bangkok and the school’s principal David Aitchison.

During our school visit, we toured the school and spent considerable time meeting and talking to teachers, with David more than happy for us to do so. Trust and relationships are two often used words to describe our schools and their pursuit of success – both are evident here.

During our morning we discussed the school’s continued upward growth, their response to Covid (again to trust its teachers), the ongoing redevelopment of the campus and plans for further redevelopment.

Leadership to David is about being present. It is about buffering teachers from the irrelevancies that can and so often get in the way of dedicated staff. It is also about letting teachers follow their creative strengths. One teacher I met has an online store at the TES – something that encourages entrepreneurialism and a desire to provide great contextual teaching resources.

Heathfield International School Bangkok is an international day school for boys and girls aged 2-18 years, located on Ramkhamhaeng Road. Aiming to bring the best aspects of international education focusing on the development of each student by providing them with a traditional ‘British’ education in an international setting.

Our next school visit saw us visit Ascot International School Bangkok and its incredible leader Donnah Ciempka, ironically who was David’s first recommendation of who we should talk to next.

Leading Your International School would like to thank David for his time, passion and hospitality during our visit. If you’d like us to visit your school, do drop me a line.

LYIS is proud to partner with WildChina Education

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