LYIS Visits The International School @ParkCity Hanoi


Last week, Leading Your International School had the pleasure of being invited to The International School @ ParkCity Hanoi (ISPH)to meet the school’s Principal Stuart Hill, Head of Primary Paul Antcliffe and General Manager for Operations Diep Nguyen. A fascinating afternoon and connection on so many levels.

Park City 

The International School @ParkCity Hanoi (ISPH)is a fabulous concept that sees the school deeply embedded into an innovative shared community. The school has grown steadily in its five-year history. ISPH’s learning programs are built on the British National Curriculum, combined with international programs such as the International Primary Program (IPC), the Certificate of Secondary Education International General Education (IGCSE), and the English Baccalaureate (A-Level). 

The Development of Park City

We talked about the development of the school and moving on from a Founding School in an emerging phase into an established and maturing one. Stuart talked openly and with excitement about many of the ‘firsts’ that the school continues to experience – for example in the school’s graduation of upper years and residential trips. Reflection he tells me, plays a key role and ‘this stage of the school’s growth and development is very interesting in the way you are meeting opportunities and challenges associated with a Founding School”. Much of the growth in Hanoi is headed in the direction of the school, which sees it as well-placed to meet the growing demand for international education. 

The school facilities are exceptional and from a sustainability perspective are ‘dual-use’ in that they are available for people living within the Park City community. 

As we approach the subject of service, Stuart talks extremely favourably about his colleagues and Head of Primary Paul Antcliffe, whose entire approach to work is moulded around the concept of service to others. His perception of what others do and how they add value to the school is unique. Helping people to grow “is the right thing to do”, Stuart tells me. 

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