Helping You Prepare For Your Leadership Journey

Leading Your International School (LYIS) is thrilled to announce the addition of German Rincon as Head of Leadership Resource Design and Development.

In this exciting new role, German will be responsible for designing and creating cutting-edge leadership materials tailored specifically for our family of international schools and their contexts. His role will focus on equipping international school leaders with the necessary tools and resources to excel in their roles and drive positive change within their schools. Each month we plan to share a valuable resource with our readers, completely free.

“We are delighted to have German Rincon join us as Head of Leadership Resource Design and Development,” said André Double, Founder and author of LYIS. “His expertise and dedication to enhancing international school leadership align with our mission to level-up educational leadership worldwide.”

LYIS is committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance to international school leaders. By offering valuable resources, including Leading Your International School, (the first in a series of planned guidance books for international schools and their leaders), and a future suite of support services to international school leaders, LYIS aims to empower leaders and foster a culture of excellence within our international school communities.

“We believe that strong leadership is essential for the success of any educational institution,” remarked André. “With German on board, we are confident that our resources will enable international school principals to navigate the complexities of their roles more effectively and create positive learning environments for their students.”

If you are an international school principal or founding principal seeking to enhance your leadership skills and benefit from the growing expertise of LYIS, do not hesitate to reach out. in the coming months we will be announcing some very exciting leadership development support for emerging and aspiring international school principals, so watch this space! LYIS is here to support you in achieving your goals.

To learn more about LYIS, please visit our website at or drop us a line at

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  1. Welcome to the team German. We are fortunate to be able to benefit from your passion, wisdom and ideas for leadership and its future. I wish you every success. The future belongs to you!

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