Leading Your International School to Help Raise Futures in Kenya


Leading Your International School (LYIS) has formed a strategic partnership with Raising Futures Kenya (RFK) which will become the company’s official charity partner. “We aim to support the incredible work of Raising Futures Kenya and provide further opportunities to students in Kenya to empower their future” said André Double, the CEO and Founder of Leading Your International School. “This collaboration will see us work closely together to address the economic and social barriers hindering the educational chances of many young people in Kenya…however, I am confident we will also learn a great deal ourselves from our Kenyan friends” he adds.

(2023 Graduation from Seed of Hope Programme students – Nairobi)

Who are RFK and What Do They Do?

Raising Futures Kenya supports young people in Kenya to become self-reliant and live free from poverty. They are a UK-registered charity with two part-time staff in the UK and 21 in Kenya. They actively collaborate with local communities in Kenya to initiate community-owned projects – addressing vulnerability and improving the life chances of young people, (especially teenage girls). RFK’s Seed of Hope Programme delivers training in vocational and business skills, alongside tailored support, aiming to support young individuals to secure employment or start their own ventures.

The partnership’s goals are based on community support and collaboration, expanding networks, and facilitating knowledge-sharing between LYIS and RFK. Through its mission, the partnership aims to work towards achieving a number of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Kenya to promote longevity and efficiency in the region. For the duration of the partnership, Leading Your International School will also donate $1 for every book that is purchased through its publishing house.

Leading Your International School is a leadership training and consultancy organisation whose mission is to ‘level up international school leadership’.  Offering training, courses, and support to new and existing leaders, it intends to bring the knowledge, skills and resources of its global network to make a difference with its strong ethical values in education.

(Seed of Hope Mechanic Students)

Seed of Hope Hair and Beauty Students

Want to Get Involved? 

LYIS’s Charity Partnership Manager, Ananya Bansal said “We would particularly like to hear from leaders in our global International Education network who want to make a difference to the lives of others. Whether that is delivering a course remotely, organising a charity event, offering governance training or self-funding a visit to Kenya, please do get in touch if you think you can make a difference. Why not organise a charity cycle event or golf day in partnership with LYIS” says Ananya.

It is hoped that within the LYIS network, schools, teachers and leaders will assist RFK in establishing innovative fundraising strategies to help diversify their income sources.

We recognise the power imbalance between charities in the Global North and Global South, and are committed to reducing our UK organisation and building up our Kenyan partner, who are experts in their own communities’ needs”, said Raising Futures Kenya’s CEO, Kirsty Erridge.

If you would like to get involved by supporting Raising Futures Kenya at your school, please contact Ananya Bansal – Head of Charity Partnerships, Leading Your International School at: Email: ananyakaur1205@gmail.com

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ananya-bansal-6803321a3

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