LYIS: Levelling Up International School Leadership

by Jane Gay

In the ever-evolving landscape of international education, visionary leadership is not just a necessity but a cornerstone for success. Leading Your International School is a pioneering company dedicated to empowering and enhancing the capabilities of international school leaders worldwide. Offering a blend of insightful books, resources, and consultancy services, LYIS is redefining the standards of leadership within the international education sector.

Core Values: A Blueprint for Ethical and Inclusive Leadership

At the heart of LYIS lies a set of core values that shape its identity and guide its mission. The three pillars of Ethical Leadership, Opportunity, and Sustainability underscore the commitment to fostering an environment that nurtures not only academic excellence but also ethical standards, equal opportunities, and a sustainable future.

Ethical Leaders

LYIS believes in the power of ethical leadership, emphasising commitment to diversity, integrity in actions, and decision-making that serves the best interests of the school community.


Leadership development should be a right, not a privilege. LYIS advocates for providing leadership opportunities to educators at all levels, recognizing and nurturing the power of their potential.


LYIS is dedicated to environmental stewardship and sustainability, acknowledging the urgency of addressing climate change, conserving resources, and fostering sustainable development.

Connecting Leaders Globally

LYIS goes beyond traditional consultancy services by creating a network that connects international school leaders. Through their work, they facilitate a natural exchange of ideas and experiences, fostering a community where the magic of leadership takes care of itself.

Comprehensive Services Tailored for International School Leaders- Launching in January 2024

Becoming an International School Principal Course: Navigating the Global Leadership Landscape

In the realm of international education, the role of a school principal is a multifaceted challenge that requires a unique set of skills and a nuanced understanding of the global educational landscape. Recognising this, Leading Your International School offers a specialised programme- ‘Becoming an International School Principal Course’ tailored for aspiring and newly appointed leaders seeking to navigate the intricacies of leading an international school.

Comprehensive Guidance for Founding International School Principals:

From Job Offer to School Opening and Beyond: LYIS recognizes that the journey of a Founding International School Principal begins long before the school doors open. The course provides comprehensive guidance, starting from the initial job offer, assisting principals through the intricate process of school development, and extending support into the operational phase and beyond.

Tailored Support for Principals and Senior Leaders Seeking International Roles:

International Leadership Opportunities: The course is not limited to those founding new institutions. It extends its reach to current Principals and Senior Leaders seeking international roles, offering them tailored support in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities associated with leading in diverse cultural and educational contexts.

Consultancy Services for Founding and Starting Up International Schools:

Expert Advice and Mentorship: LYIS leverages its expertise to provide invaluable advice and mentorship to those embarking on the journey of founding and starting up international schools. This includes insights into curriculum development, recruitment strategies, community engagement, and establishing a school culture that aligns with international standards.

Ongoing Support and Mentoring for International School Principals:

Navigating Challenges: Leading an international school comes with its own set of challenges. The course offers ongoing support, mentoring, and a platform for Principals to connect, share experiences, and gain insights into effective leadership strategies in the global education landscape.

Holistic Approach to International School Leadership:

Balancing Local and Global Perspectives: Recognising the importance of a holistic approach to leadership, the course emphasises the need to balance local cultural nuances with global educational best practices. It equips participants with the skills to foster an inclusive and culturally sensitive learning environment.

Interactive Learning Modules:

Real-world Scenarios: The course incorporates interactive learning modules, using real-world scenarios and case studies to simulate the challenges and decision-making processes that international school leaders often face. This practical approach ensures that participants are well-prepared for the dynamic nature of their roles.

Networking Opportunities:

Building a Global Community: LYIS understands the power of a connected community. The course facilitates networking opportunities, allowing participants to build relationships with fellow educators and leaders from around the world. This collaborative network becomes a valuable resource for ongoing support and shared learning experiences.

In essence, the ‘Becoming an International School Principal Course’ by LYIS goes beyond traditional professional development. It serves as a comprehensive guide and support system, equipping educational leaders with the tools and perspectives needed to thrive in the unique and dynamic environment of international school leadership.

In a world where education and leadership are constantly evolving, Leading Your International School stands as a beacon, guiding international school leaders to new heights. With a commitment to ethical leadership, equal opportunities, and sustainability, LYIS is not just shaping leaders; it’s shaping the future of global education.

Jane Gay is the Head of Brand and Marketing, Leading Your International School

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If you are considering becoming an International School Principal, then why not sign up for our course in January – ‘Becoming an International School Principal’.

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