LYIS Magazine Crossword#1 Answers


Leading Your International School Digital Magazine Issue No.1, April, 2024 – Crossword #1 Answers

An international barrier to school leadership: Language
A type of interview technique: Behavioural
Educating for_________ Int. School of Paris Vision: Complexity
To lead people, walk where (Lao Zi): Behind
I lay out rules for employees: Policy
Environmental, _________ and Governance: Social
Principal, Dulwich College, Shanghai, Puxi: DavidIngram
Always at work – despite illness: Presenteeism
The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning (2000): Mintzburg
A special group of candidates: Shortlist
Nolan principle: Selflessness
I help make effective decisions: Tree
Leaders create them. All Blacks mantra: Leaders
Travelling from place to place: Peripatetic
Accreditor – British Schools: COBIS
Gathering resources for the school year: Procurement
One, two or three-year: Contract
Executes policy as intended: Fidelity
International School, Hong Kong: Kellet
Make uniform in assessment: Standardise

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