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by André Double

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✅ If you are a Founding Principal – This book is for you. 
✅ If you have ambitions of becoming a Founding Principal – this book is for you. 
✅ If you are an investor, governor or school owner – this book is for you. 
✅ If you ever dream of setting up your own school – this book is for you. 
✅ If you are as passionate about international schools and their leadership as we are – then this book is for you. 

“Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive handbook, tailored for visionaries venturing into the realm of founding international schools and their leadership. “Starting Your International School – A Guide for Sustainable Start-up Success” is an invaluable resource brimming with strategies, practical tips, and illuminating anecdotes shared by seasoned school leaders. Drawing on their wealth of experience, these educational pioneers offer a roadmap to navigate the complex landscape of establishing and running a successful international school – sustainably. This guide goes beyond mere theory, providing actionable insights that range from recruitment and curriculum development to navigating regulatory frameworks and fostering a vibrant school culture. Whether you’re an aspiring school founder or a prospective principal, this handbook equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to surmount challenges and create an environment where both educators and students thrive. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of those who have successfully pioneered international education, and let “Starting Your International School” be your compass on the path to educational excellence.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Grainne O’Reilly and Chris Nash for their enthusiasm, support and encouragement of my ideas. These two unique individuals have quite literally elevated me to heights I never dared to possibly think I could reach. Anything is possible! 

Writing one book was pretty special. Writing 2 books within 12 months has been incredible and with Conan Magruder taking the lead on our 3rd book, and Timothy John Glare our 4th, the support and tools we are offering to international schools and their leaders will be extensive. 

Books like this don’t just happen. They are the collective efforts of everyone, from those leaders giving their time to the research process, copyeditors, typesetters, and proofreaders. Thank you to Jennifer Mollon at the amazing Kidzink // Creating Inspiring Places for your support. To Yash Chhabra at CES Holdings for the company’s support and to David Gregory at Xcursion Safetyfor your knowledge and support. To everyone involved, we thank you. 

Front cover: The Greenhouse: Dulwich College, Singapore. A Green Mark Platinum certified (the highest sustainable construction certification), and a net-zero energy building. 

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The future belongs to you! 

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