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Leading Your International School, the leadership consultancy dedicated to ‘Levelling up international school leadership’ today announces a strategic partnership with ALS Moving, China, a leading expert in international shipping services.

Founder and CEO André Double says about the collaboration, “A warm welcome from everyone to ALS Moving (China) and its partners around the world. As a company committed to sustainability and having recently used the services of ALS myself, I was hugely impressed with its ability to use a limited amount of plastics in the shipping process”, Adding, “Leading Your International School recognises ALS Moving (China) as a reliable and environmentally conscious partner, aligning seamlessly with our core values of Ethical Leadership, Opportunity, and Sustainability. 

If anyone in our international community is considering a shipping company to relocate outside of China, or indeed any country in the world, then we are happy to fully endorse ALS Moving to our global leadership community and to all teachers within the TIC family.”

ALS Moving (China) specialises in international shipping for individuals and families relocating from China to destinations across the globe. Their dedication to sustainability, coupled with a track record of exceptional service, makes ALS Moving (China) an ideal partner for Leading Your International School. This strategic alliance aims to provide comprehensive support to the international leadership community, ensuring a smooth and sustainable transition for professionals relocating to new opportunities around the world.

“We are both excited about this collaboration and confident that this partnership will bring added value to our respective clients and contribute positively to the international school leadership landscape”, said André. 

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More About ALS Moving (China):

ALS Moving (China) is a leading international shipping company with over 20 years of expertise in international moves, local/commercial, move and storage. Specialising in assisting individuals and families relocating to/from China to destinations worldwide. With a focus on sustainability and client satisfaction, ALS Moving (China) offers reliable and ethical shipping solutions for a seamless transition. With a global relocation network of 800 locations in more than 140 countries across 6 continents, they deliver a level of quality service that consistently meets their customer’s needs and exceeds expectations.

When a new journey starts, working internationally and moving to another country is never easy. No matter whether you are moving locally, or internationally, choosing a reliable moving company is crucial for a hassle-free transition. With long distances to consider, complicated time calculations, mountains of paperwork to process, and many restrictions to bear in mind, let the professionals take care of your move. Whether you are moving your complete household or just one box of personal possessions, ALS Moving can arrange to ship to or from any country in the world.

If you need to move, contact the ALS Sales Manager Tiger


TEL: 0086-21-51879735


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LYIS is proud to partner with ALS Moving

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