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Leading Your International School Welcomes Grainne O’Reilly as Global Head of Leadership Consultancy

📣 Leading Your International School is delighted to announce the appointment of Grainne O’Reilly as Global Head of Leadership Consultancy (International Schools) with immediate effect.

With an illustrious career in founding and leading thirteen international schools worldwide (including five in the USA and three in Korea), Gráinne brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our consultancy.

Gráinne will provide expert guidance, support and leadership to:

∙ Schools, Governors/Boards, Owners and Investors considering starting their international school journey, and those who have already done so.
∙ International School Directors providing guidance and support on Business Plans, Break-even Analysis, Safeguarding, Recruitment, Strategic and Operational Planning, Policy Design Context, Curriculum Development and Accreditation.
∙ Start-up International School Principals seeking guidance on Compliance, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Admissions, developing relationships with their Boards and Owners, and all aspects of leadership before, during and after school opening.
∙ International School Principals in the early stages of their careers, helping them navigate the complexities of international school leadership.

“I am delighted to be taking up this new appointment and supporting the next generation of international schools and their leaders,” said Gráinne. Helping investors, governors and principals safeguard our students, deliver outstanding outcomes and protect owner investment is something I’ve focused on for the last twenty-five years of my career. I look forward to working with International School Directors and Leaders at all levels, sharing my experience, making a difference and giving schools a unique competitive edge”.

Grainne will also spearhead the development of Leading Your International School’s Executive Search Strategy, working alongside our Strategic Partner TIC Recruitment, helping reimagine how international school leadership appointments are made.

Founder and CEO André Double commented, “Grainne’s experience of our international schools and their leadership is astounding. Few people can articulate as clearly what makes a highly effective international school and board, and the strategic decisions that underpin them. Her practical advice will be invaluable to current and future owners, investors, board members and Principals”.

The LYIS consultancy model provides unparalleled knowledge and support to international school owners, boards, directors, and principals. It is based on effective solutions that help investors, school groups and their leaders make sound strategic decisions about the opportunities, challenges, and scenarios they will face.

To contact Gráinne email:

LYIS is proud to partner with WildChina Education

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