LYIS Visits XCL Education International School Penang


Last week LYIS had the honour of visiting XCL Education International School Penang and its Executive Principal – Duncan Grice.

Among our many lines of conversation, I learned about the school’s remarkable onboarding and orientation programme.

As we walked around the campus I couldn’t help but notice how Duncan knew every single student by name that we came across. During lunch together, the children were incredibly forthcoming and confident in approaching him to let them know how they were getting on at the school.

The confidence and interactions between staff and students tell me that the XCL students enjoy their time at school. Students are always the priority at the school and their overall agency is wonderful.

This year saw XCL become a full member of FOBISIA and the spectacular opportunities it represent.

Duncan’s leadership is highly visible, openly and effectively sharing the school’s strategic direction and ongoing plan for improvement with parents. It was a real pleasure to learn from someone as committed to making a difference.

Leading Your International School extends its warmest appreciation to Duncan Grice for making us feel so welcome.

LYIS is proud to partner with WildChina Education

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